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Among Us Coloring Pages

A collection of awesome printable Among Us coloring pages to for kids and adult gamers.

Among Us Coloring Pages

Does your child love Among Us? Are you looking for a fun way to get them off the screen but still allow them to engage with their gaming passion! Grab your crayons and colored pencils and download some free printable Among Us coloring pages from our collection. My son loves Among Us and I have created this fan art for him! We have all sorts of fun with the crewmates in these Among Us coloring sheets. From simple Among Us coloring pages to crewmate Unicorns to Superheros, it’s all here!

What is Among Us?

If you are a parent that isn’t exactly familiar with Among Us yet, here is everything you need to know. Among Us is a survival game by Innersoth. Each round a crew of around 10 crewmates is assigned to do a number of tasks together. Within the group, there are 1-3 Impostors who try to sabotage the crewmates and kill them. Each player is assigned the role of a crewmate or impostor at the beginning of the game.

Crewmates can only speak to each other when there is a crew meeting and at that time they need to vote who they think the imposter is. If they get it right, the imposter is voted out or killed.

The games end when all of the tasks are complete (crew wins), when all of the imposters are voted out (crew wins), there are equal amounts of crew and impostors (impostors win) or the crew fails to stop catastrophic sabotage (impostors win).

Download Among Us Coloring Pages

When you find the coloring sheet you want to download, simply click on the image to be taken to the download pages. All of our Among Us coloring pages are free to download and for personal use only

There you have our Among Us coloring pages collection. I hope you have found something amazing for your gamer.

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